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Ahead of the game

Here on my site, I try to be topical, and will occasionally respond to current issues. With this one, though, I was ahead of the game. I don't know how long this link will be usable, but here is a story from the weekend, a couple of days after my post. Right down to the quote.

On the other hand, we could just look at it as Rugby League is about 10 years behind Aussie Rules in dealing with these issues.

Anyway, where we last left me, is pretty much where I am now. Sitting in the lab waiting for an experiment to reach steady state, occassionally getting up to move the mouse so the screensaver doesn't come on, and sometimes even clicking to rescale the data as it gets closer and closer.

I have got up and moved since the last post. Shortly before 12, Aerlyn picked me up and drove home, and I got about 6 hours sleep before forcing myself out of bed and starting all over again.

Highlight of the day was Sabina, a friend and some-time collaborator of mine emailed, and in the course of the email discussion, said some really nice things, which uplifted me dramatically. I will not repeat these for a few reasons. Partly because they are private, but mostly because I am the only one who glorifies myself here. If other people want to say how wonderful I am, they can do so privately. Or start their own website dedicated to me. Mum, if you'd like some help...


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