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Purim and quiz night

Had a good weekend this weekend. It was Purim on Sunday. Purim is a festival where, as my brother puts it, you get drunk and have a theme party. We went to Synagogue for the service - unfortunately only the children dress up (fortunately, we hadn't dressed up...). It was a fun service, although not one that can necessarily be explained to someone who has never been to a purim service before.

Afterwards, we went to Jess and Joe's for lunch - we'd been meaning to for a while, and we were in Cardiff, so it seemed like a good opportunity while we were there. It was a yummy lunch. Afterwards, we played this air guitar game and a karaoke game on their playstation. Bec and I can get very competitive when we are pitted against each other. Honours were pretty much shared on the guitar - I was probably better at the lower levels, but she was better at the higher levels. On the other hand, with the singing, dishonours were probably fairly even, although I did a good rendition of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby.

We then went back to Synagogue for the congregation trivia night. Despite a round on Elizabeth Taylor, a travel round which didn't actually include any places I had been and a music round which consisted solely of jazz, I still managed to contribute something as we won convincingly. It was a good, fun night and a good chance to meet more of our co-congregants.

More stuff to tell, but it is getting late. New years resolution watch: still going to the gym regularly, and am speaking more Welsh outside class.


Comment from gelfen

"...a good rendition of Vanilla Ice's Ice Ice Baby" there is no such thing

I respond

I did say "we'll assume it is possible". Hover the mouse over "good rendition" in the article.

Comment from gelfen

there are assumptions, and then there are fantasies.

Comment from Jason

Maybe he just stood there and didn't sing, that's a pretty good version of ice ice baby.

I respond

Ok, shall we say I did a version that was relatively faithful to the original? Is that better?

Comment from gelfen

not for those who had to hear it.

Comment from Todd Fraser

As soemone who on Friday Night did my own karaoke version of Ice Ice Baby I must agree that There is a certain art to faithfully recreating such a pivotal song in the short and undistinguished history of rap. There are two forms of "good" recreation of this song. Firstly there is the remain faithful to the original version.... This is my favorite, there are a number of faithful devotees in the world who through years of study in buddhist monastries around the world have spent years mastering the words to this joyous song.... We embrace the song and the crapness within it. We aim to truly and correctly create the dodginess that is Vanilla Ice. In this true recreation there is a peace and calm that is almost zen.

Then there are those who would try and destroy the song...... These people fail to recognise the true force and power of a White man rapping and push forward with mockery and jest.... In this they are weak... They may get laughs from the crowd, they may be crowned with comics like "comic genius" but in truth they are weak.... To be blind to the songs power is to be truly blind..

And yet there are those who are weaker... They fail to see even the comedic power of the song... They grumpily cry "That song sucks", "Why would I sing that" and other ridiculous insults. Yet those who understand the power merely pity them for their ignorance, for they are the truly weak.

SO embrace Ice Ice Baby, love it, sing it, cherish it for without it our lives would be so much emptier. Without it Eminem could correctly claim to be the first successful white rapper (a claim he makes anyway) and our lives in the 90's would have been lacking a certain something.

So now I'd like to include a line from the sacred song

"Yo I wanna Stop, Collaborate and Listen"

Couldn't we all learn from this... If we all slowed our lives down and took the time to listen to each other wouldn't the world be a much better place...

Sing on Alex Sing on,

I respond

What can I say to that? I suppose to paraphrase the prophet...

If there was a problem yo Todd'll solve it
Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it

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