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Car misses rabbit. Rabbit survives.

And now it was time to face the questions. I faced a friendly grilling from Shaqfeh, Tanner and Sridhar. This was quite an honour, and shows that I did a good job. I think I handled the questions relatively well. I survived. It's over. YAY!!

I stepped out of the talk, and Rebecca and I went to the pub and I had a well-earned beer. A VB. I re-emerged back in the conference for the last talk of the day (Dalton's), which was quite good. I then enjoyed a drink or two and the poster session and then we were off to dinner before drinks put on by the Korean Society of Rheology.

During the poster session, I had a chat with Tanner and a chat with Boger about my work. It was quite encouraging.

Tuesday was a good day. I saw quite a few good quality talks. In fact, over the course of the conference, I think I only saw one or two talks which, in hindsight, I'd've rathered not sit through, and plenty which were of an exceptional quality. All in all, it was a very good conference.

The conference dinner was entertaining. Justin, who was conference chair, went to make his speech. He'd handwritten it and couldn't read what he had written. He said so, and then said, "Not a word from my students." Would we say anything??

I won't say too much about the dinner, except that Shane and Li Ting, Kris and a few others shared quite a few interesting stories, and that Boger and Tanner were awarded life membership of the Australian Society of Rheology. And the food was very nice.


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