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Raspberries in Summertime

Just read this lovely post. I think in some ways some of the ideas tie in nicely with my Disconnect Revolution. A major linking thread is the idea that there is more to life than work, and we should try to find times where we are not connected to work.

More importantly, I love the idea that we should appreciate the beauty and wonder of the world when it happens, and appreciate that it happens.

And now to swerve from the point:
Blessed is God for providing thermodynamics, which allows freezers and refrigerators so that we can eat raspberries all year round and enables me to taste my curries weeks later (in a good way), and which torments undergraduate engineering students. (And let us say amen)

I do seem to recall a blessing for God making things happen in their apportioned season. If anyone is reading and knows of this, can you let me know. I'm almost tempted to nick off and have a day off. Then I realise that:

  • I have a talk to give on Monday
  • It's only a day and a half until Shabbat
  • I have a talk to give on Monday
  • I'm taking the rest of next week off after the conference to have a holiday with Rebecca. Yay.
  • And, finally, I have a talk to give on Monday
  • So the plan is that on Monday night I appreciate things happening in their appropriate time, which is that, after the talk, I will be appreciating the season's beer. I hope that there is something available which is not XXXX.

    Back to the story (of course, there is very little to tell.) Since the last post, I have spoken to Rebecca. She told me that I am not allowed to work on my thesis while we are on our holiday. That's pretty much it, really. Went to sleep, woke up, showered, got dressed, came in to uni.


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