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Reverse blackjack

Sorry that it has been a while since I last actually posted something of the adventures. Anyway, my Mum arrived from Australia on Saturday evening. On the Sunday, we went to a castle near Llandeilo. Bec has probably got something about it on her site. It was a nice little castle, and we went for a long-ish walk around it. It seemed long as my calf was still a little sore from the Snowdonia trip.

Monday, I played cricket, not taking a wicket, but bowling a lot better for 0/19 off my three overs. Wednesday, Dad arrived. It was good to see him, as I hadn't seen him since January. Friday, we went out for a nice dinner at Norton House because it was Mum and Dad's wedding anniversary and Bec's birthday.

Saturday, I took Mum and Dad to see some of the local castles. Loughor castle isn't worth the drive, but Woebley castle was good. We then had lunch at the Greyhound Inn in the Gower - a nice pub made better by it being smoke-free - before heading back home, picking up Bec, and heading to the Mumbles Beer Festival. We feel like such locals now! Aside from Tawe Trekkers people, who we knew would be there, there were two people from our Welsh class and one of my work colleagues. I had a couple of nice beers - I particularly liked the Deepslade Dark - before going to Verdi's for dinner.

Sunday, we went to Abergavenny. We stayed in a nice enough place just over the border called Allt Yr Ynys. On the way, we went to see the Big Pit and the old Ironworks. There was a monument to Sydney Gilchrist Thomas.

That night, we had dinner at the hotel, where they had an interesting special: if you eat more than a certain price per couple, you get the room free. This led to a game of reverse black jack, where we wanted to get as close to the price as possible but not under. It was an interesting experience rejecting a wine because it was too cheap! Anyway, after three courses and a fair bit of wine, we did manage to break the price barrier so we didn't need to worry! It wasn't a bad meal, either, but I prefer Norton House.

Monday, we went to Rhaglen Castle. It was a nice, big castle. I think I might be a little castled out for now, but Bec probably has, or will have, some photos on her site.

Tuesday night we got to bed nice and early because Dad was leaving early the next morning. Unfortunately, a fire alarm at 12:30 kind of spoiled that idea. Wednesday morning, I got up early, dropped Dad at the station, and went back to bed. At work, I had a detailed catch up with PR. I have a few interesting ideas which it seems worth implementing, and he seemed pleased.

Thursday, I lost my voice and don't know where to find it. It doesn't hurt, I just can't talk at the moment. Nothing of any particular interest happened anyway. Pretty much the same thing that can be said for today.

Something which amused me, however, is that I have been reading Potok's The Promise (the sequel to The Chosen). For those who haven't read either, they are both told through the perspective of Reuven Malter. In the passage which amused me, Reuven is having a discussion with his teacher, Rav Kalman, and the discussion was virtually identical to one I had had with Prof Boger during my PhD. It amused me, anyway.


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