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Rosh Hashannah

It must be something about September/Tishri that my posting rate goes down. Or maybe it is just coincidence. Or maybe it is that my posting rate is never actually that high anyway. One of the things I like about doing this site, apart from the whole "keep in contact with friends and family" thing and the "therapy and hobby" thing (and the "pretentious self-indulgent" thing) is that it keeps some level of record about some of what goes on in a fairly easy to navigate table of contents. Which means it is easy for me to look at what happened last year at this time.

I'm not going to recap, but it has been kind of an amazing year.

This year's Rosh Hashannah, we went to synagogue in Cardiff. I enjoyed the service - no choir and it felt very congregation-y. After ma'ariv, Bec and I went home and had dinner. It was a little bit weird having a meal like that by ourselves, and a little difficult doing the blessings - we only do those ones once per year and the siddur is still in a box. Fortunately, I tend to have a reasonable memory for such things. "Now, repeat after me... she'techodesh aleinu shonna toyva umesukkah" (...who renews us with a good and sweet year)

After shacharit, we joined Ed and Lanice for lunch. They had also invited some friends of theirs, Mel and Paul, and Lanice's mother was there, too. I've never been to a simcha meal without children there before. It kinda missed just a little something. I find at such times, I'm happy to be surrounded by bratty, screaming kids - they're family. Be that as it may, it was still an enjoyable meal: both the food and the company.

This week, I got the video camera back. I am able to do some experiments again, and have already done some interesting ones. There seems to be a fair bit of interest from my collaborators, and hopefully I can use the next four weeks to good effect. I've already done a couple of interesting experiments, and I have actually managed to set up a proper lighting system, rather than trying to work around a 650W bulb.

Anyway, this will probably be my last post before Yom Kippur, so I would like to wish all those who are fasting a spiritually fulfilling fast. I would also like to apologise to anyone I may have upset, offended or sinned against over the past year, and I forgive anyone for anything they might have done to me wilfully or accidentally.


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