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Terminator 4: Settlement Day

I know I start considerably too many posts like this, given that this is meant to be a means of communication, and I do have a post which has been on the way for a while, but I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while. This is just a quick catch up, but anyway...

Since I last wrote I have (in no order of preference):

  • Led at a ten-year-old cub camp - cubs are hard work.
  • Evacuated our house as we moved out - Bec's parents and Rev were great help
  • Had a farewell dinner with Bec's former group at work
  • Had a housecooling party at our place where we cleaned out most of the grog
  • Had a farewell afternoon tea at my parents' place for my side of the family
  • Had a farwell lunch at Bec's parents' place for her side of the family
  • Had a farwell Kiddush (Meals after grace) and Aliyah at the synagogue - the Rabbi took great delight in telling us the weather in Swansea
  • Given Justin a draft of my thesis
  • Given Justin a final copy of a paper for submission
  • Booked a ticket to the UK
  • Obtained my visa - I drove Bec to the airport so that she could fly to Canberra to pick them up in person
  • Not had a lot of time to myself to actually do things like this.

    But: Justin has a draft of my thesis. I have a flight ticket and a contract and a visa. We have sold, emptied and settled on our house.


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