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Shannah Tovah

Been a while. Sorry. I will write more regularly when I either have something to say or a little more time. Write up is still going and is still going slowly. It gets closer but it still has an air of unreality about it. I have half a chapter, bits and pieces and editting, proofing and tidying to go.

Highlight recently has been the publication of my first paper (with another to come out soon). Main frustration recently has been the seemingly never ending question/statement along the lines of "When are you going to finish?" or "So, you must just about be finished by now."

These do not help. I find them quite deflating. I would like to be finished. I am even working towards it. Reminding me that I have been working on it for a long time and haven't finished yet is NOT helpful.

Other major going-on recently has been Rosh Hashannah. Never mind the service, the main part for me is the big family sit down meal. I'd like to wish all my readers (any I haven't already done so face-to-face!) a Shannah Tovah U Metukah - a good and sweet new year. Also, given that this may be my last post before Yom Kippur, I'd like to apologise to anyone I have sinned against, upset or generally not been very nice to over the last year. I hope you have a fulfilling Yom Kippur and the fast isn't too difficult.

As I write this, we've just been to Brett and Rebekah's engagement party, and are now on our way to the airport - Rebecca is treating me to Topol in Fiddler on the Roof, but it is only on in Sydney. Mum asked if we were going to be in Ballarat this weekend. I told her "No, we're going to Anatevka."

The Frog PhD

Once upon a time there was an undergraduate. As this undergraduate approached graduation, he fell under the spell of an evil witch supervisor. After luring the undergraduate in with promises of interesting work and a promising career, the supervisor turned the undergraduate into a postgraduate frog. The evil supervisor told the now-frog that he would be turned back into a human once he had completed his thesis investigating "The Incidence of Romantic Attachments between Naive Princesses and Over-Educated Amphibians."

The frog worked on his thesis for many years, frequently being hindered by the evil supervisor. Eventually, the frog managed to get one piece of datum which validated his hypothesis and he graduated. Unfortunatly, the evil supervisor broke his promise and turned the frog into a post-doc...


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