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Shroedinger's Foetus

Rebecca and I are having a little discussion at the moment about the appropriate pronoun for our foetus. Rebecca insists on using "it" while I think "he" is more appropriate. Her rationale is that we don't yet know what sex the foetus will be, so we don't want to get it wrong. My rationale is that the foetus will either be a "he" or a "she" but will not be an "it", so if we use "it" we will be wrong, whereas if we use "he" we have a 50% chance (to leading order) of being right. If we were going to be accurate "he" should be "he or she", but that is cumbersome.

At the moment, the sex of the foetus is in a Shroedinger's cat like situation - is one thing or another, but we don't know until we get the appropriate scan done. At which point the wave function collapses into the appropriate set of genitalia.


Comment from gelfen

personally i tend to "it", but for the sake of argument you could say it will be either a "he" or a "'he".

I respond

But the point is that, at the moment the foetus is in an indeterminate state. A quantum foetus, if you will. Besides, I just wanted to use the phrase "the wave function collapses into the appropriate set of genitalia".

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