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Sunday! That's...

This weekend we celebrated Simchat Torah. This one of two times of the year when the more than moderate consumption of alcohol is a feature of the service (no, 4 cups of wine on Pesach doesn't really count as over consumption. I'm calling Purim the 2nd...) Having missed succot this year (actually, it tends to get missed most years. One day that'll change), it is kind of strange celebrating succot ending. Anyway, the service was quite good. As is standard, predominantly through laziness, I end up with the last hakaphah.

Aside from being a 18-30 friendly service, it is also children friendly, and it is nice to see lots of kids attend (the singing, sweets and flags may have something to do with it, too).

Afterwards, Bec and I went for dinner at a Kurdish restaurant. It was really nice and, apart from a couple of chicken dishes, most of the dishes were vegetarian. We shared a fried lamb dish with eggplant and a lamb-and-beans dish. It was yummy.

Also, Bec went on a guide thing, so I did the housework and cooked dinner. Again a vegetarian meal, we had roast lamb, potatoes, carrots and crunchy brown brassica, just like mum makes.

At Welsh class on Monday, we learnt how to say "I'll go in a minute". Strangely, it doesn't translate as "now, in a minute" so I don't know where that comes from (they say things like "I'll get it now in a minute" over by yer, they do).

In a few minutes, I'm off to scouts. Tonight I'm running a science night. I thought I might introduce science by getting them to play a game but not explaining the rules and letting them work it out through trial and error and experimentation. I'll then introduce them to polymer rheology, hopefully they'll enjoy it. As any good rheologist knows, demonstration materials (apart from saliva) should have food colouring in them. So, at the least, they'll get to have fun playing with coloured slime.


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