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Slow drivers should be...

I was driving my mother-in-law to the function mentioned in the previous post, and, at various stages I was stuck behind different slow drivers. The one that really annoyed me was a car which did 70km/hr in a 100 zone in beautiful conditions: dry, straight roads; perfect visibility; low glare.

I made the comment that they shouldn't be driving, and Joan took the bait perfectly. My argument is basically this:

Driving is a privilege, not a right. If you are not competent to drive at a speed within vague proximity of the speed limit when conditions dictate that it is safe for most drivers to be driving at those speeds then you should not be driving. Plain and simple. We have been told about the dangers of driving more than 3 km/hr over the speed limit by a revenue raising government seeking to justify low-tolerance speed cameras, but driving so far below the speed limit unecessarily is also a hazard.

"But," I was told, "it's a beautiful drive." I'd rather be surrounded by cars doing far faster than the limit but watching the road and paying attention to what they are doing that cars doing below the limit and not concentrating on what they are doing.

"Maybe they don't feel safe driving at those speeds." If they are not competent to drive, they shouldn't be driving. If a person is under the influence of one drug or another, and decides that they can drive safely going at 20km/hr, should they do so? No, of course not, even though they are probably quite safe to drive at those speeds, probably have the reactions to stop in time, and probably couldn't do much damage even if they didn't. We don't let people drive who are temporarily incapable. Why do we let people drive who are permanently incapable?


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