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My first bilingual entry

Dw i'n dysgu Cymraeg ers blwyddyn. Dw i'n ysgrifennu yn Gymraeg ac yn Saesneg achos dylwn i ymarfer fy Nghymraeg i. Bydd arholiad 'da fi ym Mis Mai.

I've been learning Welsh for a year. I am writing in Welsh and in English because I should practice my Welsh. I'll have an exam in May.

Darllenais i "Chwarae gyda Smot" a dyma ei grynodeb:

I read "Play with Spot" and here's its summary:

Smot oedd yn myfyriwr PhD. Helpodd Smot pob myfyrwyr arall. "Sut i gerdded ar y draed blaen" yw enw ei ymchwil fe.

Spot was a PhD student. Spot helped all the other students. "How to walk on the front paws" was the name of his research.

Helpodd Smot i Bili gyda ei ymchwil ar y ffram ddringo. Bownsiodd Smot gyda Tom i ymchwil Tom. Bownsion nhw lan A lawr ar y trampolin

Spot helped Steve with his research on the climbing frame. Spot bounced with Tom for Tom's research. They bounced up AND down on the trampoline.

Ar ol i Smot dysgu Elen i nofio, helpodd Smot i Betsi'n deall y bownsiwr rowli-powli, ond roedd e'n anodd iawn! Gweiddiodd Bos Smot ar Smot achos wnaeth Smot ddim ei waith.

After Spot taught Elen to swim, Spot helped Betsy understand the roly-poly bouncer, but it was very difficult. Spot's boss yelled at Spot because Spot hadn't done his work.


Comment from Guido

Crikey! Can we put a 'bubblefish' on that?

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