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First time for everything

Last night, Rick, the other scout leader at the scout troup I lead, came round and we devised the program for this term. One of the activities we will be doing this term involves constructing a modular structure to get a ball to roll as far as we can. We call this mousetrap, like the game. Rick and I have planned out a couple of things, such as a slide, a catapult to send the ball flying at the end and a bucket and pulley system to raise the ball and put it onto the top of the slide. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

Since the last post, I have engaged in much of the banging-my-head-against-a-wall which is my PhD. In this case, my main activity is trying to prepare my talk for an upcoming conference. Last time I presented, I did a woeful job, and was left distraught and disappointed with myself. Hopefully this time will be better.

After working on it yesterday, I decided to try doing it from home today. It was a lovely theory. I made some good progress on it, but Powerpoint seems to have a bug in it where it decides that it will not save (please do not offer suggestions to this. There is a good chance I have tried it, so it won't help much.) When it does that, the only thing I can do is close the program, swear, open it again and repeat what I had done. I now have everything except 2 graphs to do. And then I have to practice it. And tidy it. And probably cut about 5 minutes out of it.

I also had a few little distractions. Things such as put dinner on, hang the washing out, deliver a subpoena, you know, the usual.

I had never served a subpoena before, so it was quite a novel experience. I first used a little subterfuge (here, would you please hold this for a second) followed by telling the servee that it was a subpoena to appear... but I'm not gonna talk about that until tomorrow.

I then went down to the police station and got the sergeant to sign it. There was just a little problem, and I didn't know how to handle it, so I tried calling Rebecca at work. She wasn't at her desk, so there I was, standing at the cop shop, on the phone, waiting for reception to track her down, and feeling decidedly uncomfortable. Eventually they found her and she was able to help me (after calling her lawyer to find out what I needed to do). All done, I went and bought some doughnuts and went home to try to get some work done.

We now have our neighbours round and are soon going to prepare for tomorrow's fun and games, but you will find out about that later. And I have to go and be social.


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