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I'm not superstitious

I'm not superstitious. That's why I'm happy to save some money by flying on Friday 13. Even when the plane has little glitches. Even when lots of things go wrong.

So there I am, I've said goodbye to Mum, Dad, Rev and Heather and I'm going through security. All of a sudden I realise: I've forgotten my jumper and jacket. Damn.

I got on the plane and it was boiling hot. There were problems with the auxilliary power units and they couldn't cool the plane down until after takeoff. I had been fortunate enough to get an exit row seat. Unfortunately, the exit was a little too close to the seat, and so there wasn't a lot of space for my legs (although there was a convenient, albeit hard, place for me to put my legs on when sleeping). There were other little glitches, too, such as the games and menu not working. But I arrived safely. More than that, I'm not too fazed.

At Singapore, I used my last club ticket and went to look up Aaron and Vanessa's address. Unfortunately, I must have downloaded he email, so I didn't have it. Rather than the relaxed hour of shower, email, food and drink, it was a tense hour trying to find the address or phone number.

For both legs of the flight, I had quite a weird sleep pattern: Watch a movie (1.5 hrs) fall asleep (3.5 hours) wake up in time for start of movie. So I basically watched one and slept through one. I probably got about 13 hours sleep over the course of the flight.

At Heathrow, I got off the plane, and an hour later I had my bags and was through customs and immigration. That is, it was 6:15AM. For the next two hours, I kept trying to find a way to find Aaron and Vanessa's addy or phone, including some calls to Mum and Dad, who were eventually able to find it for me. A further hour later and I was at Aaron and Vanessa's place. I've just had a shower and feel human again.

Of the three things I really needed when I got to London, I forgot two of them. Fortunately, I had bought a new jacket for just this purpose, and could track down Aaron's address eventually. I did, however, remember my passport.


Comment from Gillian

It sounds like a really horrible trip. Maybe there is something to superstition, or perhaps we just notice when things go wrong when there is a 'reason' to ascribe them to, instead of just plain bad luck-a bit like noticing blue cars when you have just bought one.

I respond

Wasn't that bad. I still slept through most of it. I don't know why noticing blue cars is bad luck though.

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