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Bore da Abertawe

Tuesday, I spent the day setting up a system on Phillip's computer so that he can write to pdfs, and other miscellaneous computer tasks. After dinner, Phillip drove me to Bristol airport, where I picked up Bec and a car and she drove us to where we were staying in Swansea.

Wednesday, we got up, had breakfast and went in to uni. After introducing Bec to a couple of people, we then tried to get little tasks accomplished. For the day I managed to get a staff card and a bank account. The card was easy. The account wasn't. I needed an address, so had to use the hotel. How stupid is that? Bec can't open one yet. It's all this vicious cycle where you can't open an account until you have an address, you can't get an address until you have a job and an account etc. Hopefully we've broken through it though.

Bec has been hunting for a place for us to live, but it turns out that Swansea doesn't seem to have any serviced apartment-type things for us to stay in until we find somewhere. Fortunately, the proprietor of the hotel owns an apartment block or two, and so we are staying in a mostly unfurnished place for a month. But I'll get to that soon.

Wednesday night, we had to get the car back at 6PM. After finding a station, filling up and getting to the drop of place, we were there at 6PM or a minute or 2 past. Unfortunately, the place closed at 6PM, and when we got there it was long closed. You'd think they could have told us. Half an hour and various other forms of inconvenience later, we followed the if-all-else fails instructions and locked up the car and posted the key through the door.

Thursday, I actually found the person I was supposed to speak to in personnel, and now have most things I need sorted. Friday we went house-hunting, and have a fair idea of what we want and how to get it. Bec is going to see some places on Monday.

Saturday, we moved into the apartment, which has a bed, a couch, a bath, a washing machine, a small fridge and a stove and not a lot else, so we had to go out and buy plates and sheets and lots of little extras. We now have a liveable short-term flat. And it's costing us a lot less than staying in a hotel.

We then spent most of the day strolling along the beach in Mumbles before having a really nice fish dinner at a pub.

Today (Sunday), we're doing a lot of the at-home chores associated with a new place and just having a relaxing day.


Comment from Gillian

Bore da Abertawe means what? Other than something about Swansea?

I respond

Bore da is Good morning

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