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Weary and teary

Been a big couple of days since I last wrote, even though it was only yesterday morning. I don't feel inclined to talk about any of the work stuff. It's now Shabbat, so I am not even going to think about it. Yay!!

For anyone wondering, I am happy to post on Shabbat for a few reasons. The primary one is that I enjoy it. It gives me pleasure to write my entries here. Besides, it is an unusual experience for me to be able to sit down and write a post in one hit. Hopefully my usual lack of continuity doesn't suffer!

Additionally, though, besides writing this post for me, a lot of my readers are family or friends, and, of those people who aren't yet, I hope that after reading a few posts you will consider the version of me I present here a friend, and so I consider writing to let the people I care about know what is happening in my life something special, and hence I consider it appropriate, and even desirable for Shabbat.

But that's me, and everyone must make their own decisions about what's right for them.

Anyway, the highlight over the last two days has been that, a couple of times, some of the people in the group have asked me technical questions. I like being able to help the people around me. Even better, after helping one of the people, she somehow managed to lead me into a wide-ranging discussion involving topics such as the development of various western religions ("So Jews don't believe in Jesus then?") and into questions of interpretation and into the importance that is scientific research and how entertainment can lead to technical and social stagnation and the oppression of the masses.

How did it begin? Someone sneezed. It is so difficult to get me talking about philosophical questions, isn't it!

Last night, I got to bed around 2:30. I had foolishly offered to drive Aerlyn home after a party after her show's opening night without finding out what time she was planning to leave. I was like the man running behind a car. I was exhausted. This morning, I woke up and was like a man running in front of a car. I was tired. At least being at uni so late, I had a good chance to write the post on Judaism and Science. Apparently my mother had just had a similar discussion with one of her philosopher friends. I hope she'll take the time to make a comment.

Today, ignoring the work parts, I wrote the post about Granddad's life. It took me some time to do because I kept stopping to cry. While I accept that my particular view of the afterlife is based on wishful thinking rather than anything resembling logic, I can't think of a single version of afterlife which is anything more than a tenet of faith, so I am happy with my version. And in my version, Granddad would be in heaven in full possession of his mental faculties and in the equivalent of full health and free from pain. Even though I do believe that, the last few years of his life were still hard on him and hard on the rest of the family, and do support the notion that there is no over-riding justice in this world.

Tomorrow I get to see Rebecca. Yay!!


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