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In a foul temper

I'm very rarely in a foul mood. Usually it requires a combination of the following: Stress, lack of sleep, distance from home/loved ones, hot weather, other people inconveniencing me by not doing what they are supposed to.

Guess what

  • One month till I leave, want to be finished by then ==> stress
  • 2 all-nighters and 2 late nights this week ==> tired
  • I'm in Brisbane, Bec's in Europe, everyone else is Melbourne or further==>Distance
  • Brisbane ==> Hot + Humid
  • The lab is a mess, and things have been moved and not returned/replaced.
  • I'm not a big fan of swearing in the workplace. It doesn't fit in with the somewhat watered down images of proffessionalism I still delude myself with. Something in this lab just brings it out of me.

    Anyway, after finishing the last blog entry, the channel decided to stop working, so I had to make up more channels. This was dutifully done after 3 hours of sleep in the middle of the day. We all went to dinner afterwards to say goodbye to Leonard. Normally, I'd tells stories about it, but I don't have the concentration span.

    After I left, I realised I'd dropped my wallet. I turned, went back into the restaurant, calmly picked it up from the ground near where I was sitting, and went on my merry way.

    This morning, the week has just caught up with me. I got in here, went to start doing my experiments, and everything was missing/not where it was supposed to be/all over the place. I was not impressed. My work is now under control and so am I.


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