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Tequila Mockingbird

While on holidays, I read a few books. One which I thought was particularly powerful and a good book was To Kill a Mockingbird. Anyone want to guess how I'm going to describe it?

Scout is a young postgraduate just beginning her PhD. She learns a lot off an older group member, Jem, and her professor, Atticus. While going about her work, she notices the contempt with which the undergraduates are held by the academic staff.

She and Jem, and a co-worker, Dill, keep trying to get involved with the Radley group, until Atticus tells them to stop.

While it is research as usual for Scout, Jem and Dill, there is some commotion in the department, as one of the less reputable groups, Ewell's group, accuses one of the undergrads, Tom Robinson, of falsifying data. He denies it strenuously and is up before an academic review panel. There, he is defended by Atticus.

Even though the evidence seems to back Robinson's versions of events, and he had always been a good, honest and hard worker, and even though Ewell was disliked and disrespected by the establishment, the academic review panel still finds against Robinson simply because he is an undergraduate. Atticus does his best, but the strength of prejudice is simply too great.

Even though Ewell has been nominally vindicated, his reputation suffers even further, and he vows revenge against all the people he blames for his reputation suffering. He is too cowardly to confront the senior members directly. Instead, he tries attacking the post-graduate students.

He sets a trap for Jem and Scout, planning to destroy their academic careers, but his plot is foiled by one of the Radley group's post-docs and Ewell's career is finished.

And we have yet another book I've read where major characters die in the end.


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