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The house

Well, having gone through the pain of the move, I now have to describe the house. A picture is worth a thousand words, except when you are trying to keep below a word limit, so I'll refer you to Rebecca's site (not too hard to find, but shouldn't be on google) where she has put up lots of pictures of the house when we moved in. You may notice some pictures of me working. You may notice that there are no pictures of Bec working. I think there is something in that for everyone.

Anyway, the house is in a great location - it takes me under 10 minutes to walk to my office. There is a pub up the road, a couple of corner shops within a block or two, some big parks very close, the beach just over a quarter of a mile away and a massage place four doors up. There are also two primary schools very close - which satisfies my father-in-law's requirements. The scout hall is also a 2 minute jog down the road.

While there is a tendency to focus on the things that are wrong and the things that need doing, and there are a few things like that, in general, it is a good house and it is liveable. Yes, we will redo the bathroom. And yes, I have already pulled the carpet up in our bedroom (the floorboards don't seem to be in too bad condition), but once we have done the first couple of things, the rest will be allowed to happen in their own time. (Although if anyone wants to take a bet on when the wallpaper downstairs will be changed...)

Anyway, we've got enough space to last us for a good few years yet. The boxes are gradually disappearing into the attic. We are gradually acquiring the furniture and whitegoods to last us for a while. And I am networked. Yay!

Actually, the networking is a bit of a saga. I have complained about NTL in the past. And for good reason. Anyway, we bit the bullet and went with NTL broadband because they said we would only have to have it until the phone contract is up.

Suddenly, rather than having the phone connected in two weeks, we were connected in one. Unfortunately, they changed out phone number on us. Not to worry - I hopped on the phone and called them up, to be told that it would be changed back in a couple of days. A couple of days later, it still wasn't changed, so I tried calling again. I was told it would be changed within 24 hours (I was also told that they still had us listed as needing to be connected). 24 hours later, I have tried calling our old number - no luck. I have tried calling our new number - no luck. I got home that night, called Bec's mobile so that we could see what number: they'd given us a new new number. The next day I called them up again and spoke to the person who said it would be done in 24 hours. She sounded terribly embarrassed and said that the guy who changed it must have been "elsewhere" when he did it. She said it would be changed within 10 minutes. 10 minutes later, we had our old number back.

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