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The Move

Long story short, the move went off without a hitch. This post will go up until we get into the house - descriptions of the house will be another post.

Anyway, Friday came and went. The sale was completed, Bec got the keys. No problems. Ok, one minor problem - the vendors were still in the house, and would be until mid-Saturday. If we really wanted to, we could have forced them out, but they'd dealt with us in good faith, and so we were happy to return the favour.

Saturday, we picked up the van relatively early. We loaded our two new couches (which Ty Beck were just going to throw out, so they happily gave them two us instead) into the van. Unfortunately, someone had taken one of the ones we were going to get, so we instead got an even worse condition one). We filled up the back of the van with as many boxes and things as we could. More accurately, I filled... In a very clever division of labour, I did most of the grunt work moving and loading, while Bec did most of the packing and cleaning. This isn't to say that she did no moving, nor that I did no packing or cleaning, but I did far more of the one, and she did far more of the other.

Anyway, having got the van packed... we waited. I spoke to Mum and Dad on skype, and Bec spoke to her parents. And we waited... Round about 4:30PM, we got the all clear from the vendors. I asked Bec if she had the house key and she said yes, and off we went. We got to the new house...only for Bec to tell me that she didn't have the house key - she thought I was talking about the flat. Fortunately, the vendors hadn't quite pulled out yet (they were in the car about to go) and had one key they were going to drop in to the agents on their way.

Our new home!

After about 2.7 seconds of joy, back to work. We unloaded the van, and back up for a second load. The second load had the bed and a few boxes, but was still pretty full. Back down and unpacking and we went back to the flat. There, we did a bit more tidying while our old neighbours loaded up the van - Bec was taking them to do a van load as they were moving out, too. While she did this, I took a car load of stuff down - stuff we didn't really want bouncing around in the van.

Pizza dinner (plates and cutlery were all in boxes), and then (new) home for bed. We also did Havdalah in our new home.

Sunday, I got up early and ran down to the local shop to get some milk. Unfortunately, it wasn't open, so breakfast ended up being yoghurts - nice but not overly filling. Back to work, we finished clearing out the flat and Bec did a lot of the cleaning. I did some as well, but she did far more. Anyway, at some point, we discovered that we couldn't find Bec's keys. I went back home to have a look, but couldn't find them. This was a problem, because they had the flat key we had to give back.

11:50, we had the apartment spotless shiny and ready to give back with 10 minutes to spare. We told Nik about the key, and he said that it was fine if we drop it in later. We then went home, had lunch and Bec started the long job of cleaning the kitchen. At some point, Bec found her keys - in the box of bottles of alcohol.

Before anyone gets the wrong idea, she must have put them down when we were doing Havdalah.

While she was cleaning the kitchen, I had a little lie-down for a rest. Bec asked if I wanted the blinds closed, and I told her "no, I don't think I'll sleep." Apparently, she went out of the room, came back 30 seconds later to ask me something, and I was fast asleep. I stayed that way for 2 hours before waking up and getting back to work.

A pub meal at our new local pub (no wedding reception though), and we went home to bed. Another 10 hours sleep, and it was up for work.

I'll write about it properly when I catch up, but to those that celebrate it, Shannah Tovah U Metukah. T'chatevu v'techatemu. To those that don't, it is now 5767 according to the Jewish Calendar, which means that it is traditional to wish people a happy and sweet new year.


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