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A bit more light in the tunnel

Saturday, I watched the footy. Terrible game. When Melbourne wasn't being beaten by Geelong, they were being blind-sided by the umpiring. I won't say that the umpiring was the difference between the two sides. Geelong outplayed Melbourne. But I will say that the umpiring was terrible and didn't help things.

Saturday night I went to a scout camp. The scouts were good, they got the tents up quickly, lit a fire and cooked dinner without any fuss whatsoever. On Sunday, they were going to build a bridge, so we had to teach them about anchoring. After a brief explanation, I then ran an impromptu game where, depending on what number they rolled, I'd give them a task or a question based on the category associated with the number. The questions were totally arbitrary, but they seemed to enjoy themselves.

Sunday, I woke up and went home. After showering, we went down to Melbourne, picked up our wedding album and took Rebecca's parents out for lunch.

I refuse to acknowledge that it was Father's Day, although that was Rebecca's reason. Personally, I don't think these days should be celebrated. We can take Rebecca's parents out any time, and don't need a special day to do so. One thing which backs up why is this: Rebecca had bought her mother a book, and was going to save it for the next special occassion. I told her that she should just give it to her when she sees her. A gift given through obligation is meaningless, while a gift given because you think the person would like it is a sign of love and a good thing to do.

...And if I have kids, I hope they read this - I do not want them to celebrate father's day.

Similarly, I bought Rev a PDA. Partly because he had set up my computer (although I bought him a hard disk as a thank you for that), and partly just because he is my brother and I thought he would like it.

After lunch, we went to Mum and Dad's, where Dad's extended family was gathering for my Grandmother's birthday. Mum had outdone herself cooking cakes etc. It was fantastic. And I'm still working my way through the share of leftovers Rebecca and I took.

So far this week (it is now Wednesday evening), I have been working on my thesis (sound familiar?) and I have finished a chapter. Little things like that just make me feel that there is hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

In fact, my work surroundings are distinctly tunnel-like. I'm in a small, cramped space which is poorly lit around me. There is a bright light ahead of me, although this is just the computer screen.

I'm going to aim to get another two chapters finished in the next two weeks. Watch this space.


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