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Reclaiming the rut

Well, here I am again. Right back where my blog started. In Brisbane. In the lab. Trying to collect data. Not having much more luck than last time, although nothing has yet gone wrong. Remind me? That's right. I have a PhD to finish. Remind me? That's right. In research stepped so far. Remind me? That's right. Look how I've described industry positions in recent posts.

Anyway, this morning Geoff dropped me off near the ferry, so I got to take the ferry in. Got in, update with Justin, swiped borrowed his keys, prepared my talk for the morning. I delivered it relatively well, and only did the mental equivalent of the foetal position for 5 minutes. No, it wasn't that bad. I will go back to working on it in a minute, too.

I spent the afternoon recalibrating the pressure transducer with Drew (one of Justin's research students) and I am now running today's experiments. I was hoping to run tomorrow's, too, but it is not going to happen tonight.

What a fascinating life I live. Some people believe that keeping a log of whatever sort encourages people to live more interesting lives.

Presented for your consideration: A perfectly ordinary blogger. Every week, he presents many posts detailing the minutiae of his life. Each on of these posts is devoid of interesting details about an interesting life. He is one of a breed who will insert cheap humour to cover for the boredom that his life's details truly are, who will insert rants to substitute for researched opinions, who's current major life highlight is getting to see his wife in two weeks' time, and who has a PhD to finish. Here in the thesis zone.

Ok, its not quite as bad as that. Ok, maybe my blog is sometimes as bad as that. Anyway, 5 minute break is over. Back to work.


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