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Freedom, but not for me

Friday was a day of excitement in my household. Rebecca went to work for the final day before our overseas trip. She is now a free woman. To celebrate, we went with some of her now-former workmates and had a drink for an hour or 6.

Saturday, we got up some time after the sun was over the yard-arm. We went out for breakfast at the local Deli at about the same time they were doing so in Delhi. A couple of hours later, the afternon had disappeared and it was time to head down to Melbourne to celebrate Liz's boot from rovers. It was a very pleasant evening, and it was very nice to catch up with so many friends from my rovering days.

While there was still some daylight around, we played various sports, including backyard cricket. While my gentle left arm bowling isn't exactly threatening, when you combine my flighted deliveries with a six-and-out rule...

Sunday, we had lunch with Sabina, Avdo and Alia in their new place. It was nice to catch up with them, and culminated in a walk down to Lygon St for an ice cream.

This week, I have got a fair bit done. I started with a page full of things to do and, while it is only Tuesday, I have knocked off half of them. It actually is starting to feel like I will finish, and soon.


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