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A quick update

Sorry I haven't been updating this as regularly as I'd like. We are now networked, so I should be able to update this more regularly. I'm not going to do a full update in excruciating detail, largely because a lot of it is repetitive.

I am disappointed to have missed out on being topical about one of the more interesting stories in recent times - the Danish cartoon stuff - but I'm sure I'll get to it soon.

Aside from work, which I will talk about in a different post, and dealing with UK bureaucracy, which will be a recurrent theme, my main occupations have been Welsh classes and getting networked.

The Welsh classes have been good - we're 3 weeks in and can make basic sentences. In our class of about 15 there are 3 people from Melbourne (including me and Bec), 1 American and 1 person from Kurdistan. It has been good to meet new people outside work, too.

Getting networked has been far more difficult. Because where we are staying gives us access to the university's wireless network, and because it has special encryption requirements, it has been a true pain in the neck.

After searching for a while, I found a wireless card someone had got working in Debian. I dutifully installed it, and ran against problem number 1: I couldn't get networked because I didn't have the drivers; I couldn't get the drivers because I couldn't update my system; and I couldn't update the system because I wasn't networked. Eventually, I had obtained most of the drivers I needed, made a thorough mess of my hard drive and just failed to get it working. So I installed Ubuntu. Twice. Close but no cigar. I then installed Red Hat 9. Red Hat 9 is an old Linux distribution, but I had instructions for it. They didn't work. After re-installing Red Hat 9 a third time, I had by now made a total mess of my hard drive. A process which was only rectified when Red Hat wiped my hard drive. Thank God I backed up before hand, but I have still lost Debian. For the moment.

I then infected my computer with a form of malware. Windows XP. After the second time I installed it, and a futher 6 hours of messing about, I was finally able to connect to the internet. An hour later and I actually had sound, too, so I have been able to call Mum, Dad and Rev. Yay. I guess. Except that now I couldn't access either Red Hat or Ubuntu. I reinstalled Ubuntu, wiped Red Hat, and I've ordered some Debian DVDs.

Other notable things include that we went down to Cardiff one Shabbat for the Friday night and Saturday services. After initial difficulty finding the synagogue, we found it and were able to join in the services. We can now chalk up yet another synagogue I have had an Aliyah the first Shabbat I have been to services. It seems like a nice, friendly congregation.

This weekend, I took Bec out to a nice restaurant for dinner. I'm going to have to start thinking in pounds pretty soon, or things are going to get ugly. I'm getting there. We also bought a bed. It is nice and comfy.


Comment from Gillian

Interesting comment in the paper regarding the danish thing today

-The Jew and the cyclist

THERE is a saying that when things go wrong it is probably due to the Jews or the cyclists, to which the usual response is: why the cyclists?

Following the publication of insulting cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad, the retaliation by Iran's newspaper, Hamshahri, against Denmark has been a spiteful anti-Semitic cartoon campaign. It was a relief to read Michael Gawenda's articulation (Opinion, 16/2) of the obvious question: what have the Jews got to do with it?

Perhaps the Iranian editor correctly assessed that a competition inviting cartoons mocking the Danes wouldn't have such broad appeal.

Gawenda is right to question Michael Leunig's lack of outrage at the injustice of this nasty campaign perpetuating the long history of Jewish persecution. That Leunig didn't take this opportunity to publicly condemn this blatant display of anti-Jewish bigotry is indeed disquieting.

Liz Telford, Clifton Hill

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