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Trip to Utah

I'm sitting in transit at Minneapolis after two more or less uneventful flights. There was a minor glitch with entertainment system midway through the flight, which necessitated rebooting, but I watched a couple of movies and the time passed quickly.

First, a couple of big thumbs up. I was able to check in early with KLM, which meant I could pick my own seats. Combine this with seatguru (I'll provide a link if I get a chance), which also deserves credit, and I could make sure that my seats were good - I've had good exit row seats both flights so far. Also, credit where due to Northwest Airlines. I've had bad experiences in the past flying with USA airlines, but the flight wasn't far behind that on the London-Melbourne qantas in terms of service, facilities etc.

Aside from a couple of action/comedies (Lethal Weapon and Die Hard sequels), I also watched the previously mentioned Wag The Dog. Even though I found it implausible for a range of reasons (although, let's face it - if you can believe Mel Gibson and Bruce Willis as action heroes, you can suspend disbelief pretty well), it was still entertaining.

Actually, while I am giving credit where due, my technium neighbours, Waters Creative deserve some for the poster for the conference. I got the file to them on Tuesday morning - they promised me it would be ready Friday before I left. It was ready on Thursday, so when I got back to the office after Sunday Simchat Torah, it was sitting on my desk waiting for me.

Actually, customs and immigration were painless, too. Its been a good journey so far. Well, I have 1 hour till boarding, a three hour flight and I should be at the arport in Salt Lake City. Hopefully, everything else is as easy as it has been so far. More when I get a chance.


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