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VB and more on soccer

Last weekend, we went to visit Simon, a friend of Rebecca's, for his birthday. So we made the trip, driving out to between London and Cambridge, stopping only for lunch. And a brief stop for the synagogue service in Cardiff. It was good actually. Just through how busy we have been, we haven't had both the time and the energy at the same time to make it a Shabbat service.

Anyway, Simon was having drinks at a local pub for his birthday, so yes, despite not wanting to, I ended up watching some soccer. Fortunately, this pub had a major saving grace: it had Australian beer. VB and Carlton Cold. It made the soccer far more bearable. While watching the game (Italy vs USA), it occurred to me what a bunch of soft cheating bastards they are. Skittles show more resilience than some of the players do. We'd watch something, I'd call it a dive, Bec'd say that there was contact and we'd watch the slow-motion replay. Sure enough, there was a glancing contact, but the player would take another step and half before you'd see him transfer his entire body weight downwards. If he misses his target he'd fly. Pro-wrestling without the plot and story lines.

It was an entertaining, albeit long, evening. We started mid-afternoon, and, after closing time and a late-night lamb sandwich, we got to bed at about the same time as the birds got up.

Sunday, we woke up feeling quite well, although some of our party were a little the worse for wear. We went out for lunch, fortunate to get into our first choice place despite it being father's day. After lunch, we started making our way home. We had a nice, scenic drive, arriving in Cardiff in time for a lovely dinner hosted by one of Bec's colleagues.

This week, we had our last Welsh class for the term. It has been quite a good course, and I'm looking forward to one day getting a chance to actually use my Welsh. It was well structured, and the class had a good group of people. Sophie, the Wednesday tutor, finally got around to asking whether I actually go to the pub a lot. I told her (in Welsh), "No, but it is a set of words I know." It gave me a set of known vocabulary I could use to practice new grammar points. We then went to the pub, where I found they also sell VB and Coldies. If it wasn't for the smoke, I'd go to the pub more often.

Another milestone, this week, is that my equipment is now up and running. I've done a demonstration experiment, and, after a little bit of fine tuning, I should be able to get experiments happening.


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