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Who would have thought it

I'm curently writing this whie on the train from Ballarat to Melbourne as I head in to uni for the first time in a while. Would someone making the then-hour long journey have been able to predict the great technological advancements? In the year 2005, I am able to sit on the train and write a journal entry on a trip which only takes 80-odd minutes (when it runs on time).

Sunday was Rebecca's Grandfather's 90th birthday. A fair innings by anyone's standards, and he actually looks a lot brighter and happier than he did a few years ago. I may joke about technology sometimes, but it has certainly done him a lot of good. I heard a phrase I would never have even thought of, delivered mostly for comic value - "Pauline Hanson is a gutless moderate."

Sunday was also the VFL grand final, and I got to watch as Sandringham won the premiership in memory of Troy Broadbridge, who died in the tsunami last year.

I'll skip through most of this week. It is just more of the same. Tuesday night we had a bit of beach volleyball practice. It was hard work having 2 on one side of the net and 3 on the other, but it paid off, as last night we really clicked as a team and won all the sets. Bec started brilliantly, and, by the time she lost her serve, we were up 7-0 and we never looked back from there. I touched the ball about twice in the first set. I had an off-night. Didn't play badly, but: tangled with the net, hurting my toe; if you'll pardon the expression, copped one in the nuts; and landed on my ribs diving for the ball. But we won, so it hurts less.


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