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What's in it for the virus?

As I mentioned, I've been a little sick recently. At some point, I briefly adopted that infuriating modern relativism, and tried to see things from the perspective of the virus. I can understand why it would want me to cough or sneeze - by doing so, it makes spread germs all over the place. Fair enough, but by making me feel sick and tired, it encourages me not to go out hunting (I don't think viruses have realised that people work in small offices rather than hunting in packs, but then, if I was a fragment of DNA I doubt I'd realise, either), so I'm less likely to spread to other people.

No, instead what I'd do is make the person hyperactive. I'd try to act as a supplementary immune system, fighting off any other invaders (my competition), and trying to keep my host as healthy as possible (apart from coughing and sneezing). And if I was a sexually transmitted virus, I would boost levels of sex hormones, so that my host would want far more sex, so that they would spread me even more.

Any other thoughts as to what people would do as an invasive species?

Speaking of invasive species, as I write this, Bec and I are currently on a bus on the outskirts of London. I'm not looking forward to flying with the tail-end of the bug, but hopefully I've got enough medications to get me through. And a few hours from now, I'll be temporarily de-invading the UK as I go back to the old country. Yay!


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