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Train lack-of-service

Well, I'm sure that you will all be pleased to know that virus scanner eventually finished, and my computer doesn't have any viruses. So I uploaded the last couple of posts, played with my website some more. Rev asked me to do a table of contents, so I did one. I would find it a lot easier if php could read my mind, rather than requiring semi-colons between each command.

Not a lot of any real interest happened last night. Today I caught the train in for the first time in a while. Certainly for the first time since I started this blog, so I should say something on the train service.

Today, the train ran on time and without problems. This is not unlike the story (which, if someone has a reference to, I would be happy to quote) set on a ship where, in the captain's log, the captain made an entry that the 1st mate was drunk today. When the 1st mate found out about it, he made a note that "the captain was sober today"

I got up, threw water at the car windows to get the frost off and drove to the station. Keith (Rebecca's father) also caught the train in, and he had to buy a ticket. We then sat with "the regulars." I don't know what other people's experiences of public transport are like, but on the V-line trains, which I ride between Ballarat and Melbourne, and takes about an hour and a half, people talk. It is socially acceptable. Further, people who have been riding for a while get to know each other and tend to sit in the same seats regularly. This provides an interesting social dynamic, and it is an entertaining way of passing the time, without all that tedious mucking around in hyperspace.

I will gradually introduce the regulars as they do or say things which are worthy of posting. Y'know, stuff more interesting than "I got up, threw water at the car windows to get the frost off and drove to the station". For today Ginny, who does some sort of biomed research was telling us about some lovely plans of a post grad she works with, which are funded by the government, elitist and, ultimately, not going to provide a shred of use for the problem they are actually supposed to solve.(My editorialising, but Ginny would agree)

I got into uni, and found out that it was a farewell morning tea for John, who is taking up a position in Perth. It was an interesting discussion, and will serve as a basis for a future rant. After spending the morning clearing all the accumulated emails I should have gone through, I am quickly updating this before starting work on my talk for an upcoming conference.

By the way, the comment has been made that if I spent as much time and effort on my work as I do on this site, I'd be a lot better off. This is untrue. Each of these posts take about 20 mins to type, have very little forethought, no proofing (except when people read them and say 'you have spelt XYU wrong', so I will water it down to no proofing by me) and 30secs to upload. If I put the same amount of time and effort into my work, I would have scores of rejected papers by now. Of course, you never know, I'm sure for any given piece of work, you can always find a journal to accept it. Eventually. After many revisions .


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