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In amongst all the recent excitement, I haven't had as much commentary as I otherwise would have on the upcoming election. For geographic reasons, we had to do a postal vote. While I will miss the whole walk-to-voting-booth-sausage-sizzle-walk-past-pub voting experience, I did like being able to look up different parties on the net while voting below the line.

In the lower house, I had an option of Greens, Libs, Family First or King for ALP. I felt physically sick after filling it out. I'm not going to say who got the number 1 spot - it was too traumatic. Any option would have been. The upper house, however, was much better. I believe in saving endangered species. It was a little difficult deciding which flavour of psychopath I put last. I decided on Greens ahead (behind?) of CEC and the Shooters. It does make me appreciate the Libs and Labour though - at least they are vaguely sane (relatively speaking).

Something which occurs to me - can anyone help me out here - I know that candidates get money back based on how many votes they get. Obviously, if you vote informal, no one can get your vote and hence the money. Does this mean that it is a small amount of money no one gets, or does the money just get divided amongst those who get voted for? For example, if half the country doesn't vote, does it mean that half the money is saved, or does it mean that each vote gives twice as much money?

Besides that, I've had a couple of indoor cricket matches. It is quite fun but a bit of work. Everyone bowls two overs (except the keeper) and when batting you get 2 runs for each run, 1 run if it hits a wall and 6 if it hits the back wall after bouncing. You get 3 runs for a wide or no-ball. The first week I had reasonable figures, made worse by the umpire no-balling me saying I floated the ball too high when bowling (never mind that the ball was leaving from twice his height and there was no way he could have judged it). I was run out without scoring when batting. The second week, we played the top side. I opened the bowling and got hit for 6 off the first 2 balls. Just when I was starting to worry, the batsmen belted the 3rd ball back over my head. Up went my arms and the ball stuck. My first wicket in indoor cricket. They made a good, but not great score, and I took a funny catch in the last over. The ball was hit into the back corner of the room next to the skylights. I have got into good position, but as the ball came down, I lost the yellow ball among the yellow lights and white-sky background. The ball has hit my collar bone and bounced across. I got my hands to it and it bounced up. I then grabbed it and wasn't letting go for anything! It made it a little hard restarting! With the bat, I made an easy run off the first ball and was off the mark. Unfortunately, second ball came in - I saw it. I knew where it was. I missed it. I was bowled. We lost by an amount we weren't disheartened by.

I'm still gonna avoid talking about work, except to say that I've put in some abstracts for the International Congress on Rheology, which should be good.

Yesterday, I led a walk for Tawe Trekkers. Bec and I walked it last week, but the route we took was a little harder than it needed to be (that's why we checked it) and I gave this description:

March at Mynydd Du: More monstrous than moderate, or maybe merely mean, this march is most appropriate for the more masochistic or mountain-loving 'mong us (maybe Martin or Mr Morgan?) - minus mongrels or mutts. Meteorological mishaps: moisture and mist, 'mongst others, might make magnificent vistas mundane and marr merriment and mirth.

It was a little easier the second time, but it was still a challenge - particularly for some of the less confident walkers. We all got there in the end though.

This weekend, we've also had Justin and family over. Last night we had dinner at the West Cross Inn, which I rate as one of the best places to get fish from in Swansea. Tonight, we are going to go to a pub which particularly caters for kids - Bec and I have to get used to going to these places, don't we!


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