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Go to your womb

I had to tell the foetus off recently. He was kicking his mummy, so I told him, "go to your womb". I know, I know. I'll try not to write about every step of the pregnancy.

Besides that, not a lot of particular interest has happened since I got back.

Story time

The Alien's supervisor was disturbed by visiting astronauts. The supervisor attached itself to one of the astronauts and was brought inside the hold of the ship.

Note: despite being set far, far in the future, with the crew having come from a society that had hypersleep and advanced robotics, they still hadn't yet developed colour monitors or reasonable scanning capabilities.

Anyway, the supervisor set the Alien her PhD thesis topic, "Human-Alien interactions: The impact of aliens on human happiness" before suddenly dropping dead. The Alien, suddenly left by herself, decided to begin by investigating the impact of the sudden arrival of an Alien during mealtime. She burst out of John Hurt's stomach, but the humans, rather than appreciating the chance for an authentic cross-species encounter, were antagonistic and tried to hunt and kill her.

The Alien did remarkably well for an early-candidature student forced to work independently, completing a variety of works. Unfortunately, the Alien encountered Ripley as her thesis examiner. She tried to defend but was ultimately unable to do so when her examiner fired a grappling gun at her. And her thesis was failed, too.


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