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Yom Kippur and openings

Sorry it has been a while. Between Yom Kippur and Welsh classes starting and everything else, I've been just a tad busy.

Anyway, Yom Kippur actually went quite well. Bec and I stayed at a hotel a short walk from the synagogue. After Kol Nidre (the service on the eve of Yom Kippur, and what has always been my favourite service of the year), we went back to the hotel room, and, given that I am fasting and have nothing better to do, I go to sleep early. Unfortunately, smokers seem to feel the need to feed their dirty habit indoors, where setting off smoke detectors causes great inconvenience to a building full of people. Sure enough, I was woken up, and we quickly put on some warm clothing and left the room. After sitting out in the cold for a little bit, the fire alarm stopped and we went back to bed. It took me a whole five minutes to get back to sleep.

The services the next day weren't too bad. The chazzan (cantor) did a stellar job, flying solo through all services and remaining in good voice for havdalah after Yom Kippur had ended. The services ran a little over time, but Rebecca had prepared the perfect meal the night before, and it lasted well through until we got to dinner.

Last weekend, we went for a walk in the Brecon Beacons. It was a nice walk and we had a good time. It amazed us how long it has actually been since we went for a walk, but we managed to get through it quite well. As usual, Bec and I shared a bag, and as usual, we play paper-scissors-rock at various stages, with the winner carrying it. And as usual, I won the first game, so I had to carry the bag up the mountain.

Back at work, I have done quite a lot of experiments. It has been quite tiring, but I have worked my way through many fluids; mostly inks. This leads me to what has been another thing taking up my time. This week, they opened the Welsh Centre for Printing and Coating. While I am not part of the centre, my equipment is located in their labs, and I do a lot of work with them. They had asked me to do some demonstrations during the opening for them, which I did. They seemed to go well, although, knowing the phrase "never work with children, animals or fluids", I pre-recorded some results, showing an experiment live, followed by the pre-recorded video. I was glad I did so when the first experiment didn't work! Through the opening and various courses they have had, I've had a free lunch three days this week so far.

Also, this week my Welsh classes have started again. Despite 3 months of not-practicing to any significant degree, a quick cram over the course notes and a surprising amount came back to me. We have the same tutors as last time, although the class has shrunk significantly. (2 people work nights, 1 has moved to England, 1 found class 2 nights per week that little bit too much, and a couple just haven't come back). We have one new person, and he said there might be a couple more coming.

We're slowly and gradually doing house stuff, and, glad as I'll be when we finally move into our bedroom, I've kinda got used to living in the loungeroom.


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