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The price of my soul

I discussed the concept of selling out previously but I have now gone ahead and done it. Given that I when I raised the topic previously and no one responded, this leads me to a few possible conclusions:

  • No one is actually reading - I haven't been monitoring site traffic, but this is a distinct possibility.
  • Readers read for entertainment value only - if this is the case then ads don't matter anyway
  • My integrity is above reproach - umm...yeah...umm it is umm...considered that I would never change views for money. I love Google. And Microsoft... Good Old Collingwood Forever. I have my limits.
  • My integrity is considered nonexistent - in other words, I have already sold out and no one takes my statements as anything other than comic value.
  • AdSense is well enough set up that I can't properly sell out - except by trying to get more readers by...umm...publishing stuff that someone other than my mother will voluntarily read.
  • Anyway, in my more pretenscious moments, I consider myself an ethical purpose, and would like to treat this seriously and properly, so here is my policy on Ads by Google:

    I will more-or-less follow the rules posted by AdSense. I won't be inflating clicks artificially. I ask you to behave in accordance with your conscience.

    Any relationship I have with any of the advertisers is purely coincidental. I don't endorse the use of any of the products or services advertised. I don't recommend them. In some cases, I've never even heard of them. Use at your own discretion. Same as with any other ad you find on the web, really.

    If you find an ad you think is questionable or objectionable, such as a racist ad or one promoting the Australian Greens, please let me know and I will endeavour to rectify this if I feel appropriate. If you find any funny links, also let me know.


    Comment from Gillian

    Doesn't seem particularly obtrusive. How does it work-I mean, do you get points or whatever for people visiting the ads, or just clicking on your page, or what?

    Comment from Todd

    No some of the rest of us read your blog too.

    I respond

    Mum - you can find out proper details from the adsense, but basically it pays something based on number of people who come and have a look and the number of times people follow links.

    Todd - I'm glad someone is. As far as I know, outside of blood relations, you are my only regular reader. I could be wrong.

    Comment from Richard Watson

    Others also read your blog.

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