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Couldn't care less about the olympics

I feel like I am working about one and a half jobs at the moment. It seems like, over the last couple of weeks, every time I have touched a computer, I have done work, be it teaching or research related. There are times when my sanity just absolutely requires the day of rest. Then, of course, there are still pre-baby stuff Bec and I have to do, and working on the house, and all of those litte chores that just eat so much of your time.

There have been so many stories that have come and gone and I'd've loved to have said something about them, but I guess it just won't happen. So I thought, instead, I'll get in early on one.

I couldn't care less about the olympic games. It doesn't interest me. I watched more of the ABC's "The Games" than I did of the Sydney Olympics. I find it a shocking waste of resources, and, in general, a burden on the host country (I will make an exception for the LA games, which, reportedly, was run at a profit).

Unfortunately, I have such low interest in the olympics, I couldn't even fake an interest enough to then boycott them for China's involvement with the Sudanese Government.

And basically, for Governments that seem to consider major necessary infrastructure works and upgrades like you would consider a giant, steaming pile of shit (you will deal with it with great reluctance if you have to, otherwise you will leave it and hope someone else does), to suddenly commit to large infrastructure projects to an external standard where all the deadlines and conditions basically guarantee that they will pay over the odds for everything is just stupid.

Don't get me wrong: if other people want to watch it, that is their business. Same as with any other pursuit, be it sporting, cultural or other. But the amount of news time which should be devoted to more important stories is ridiculous. In short, the Olympics provide a huge distraction which will provide an excellent time for "inconvenient" stories to be released to the media.

Oh well, at least it is only for 2 weeks and then we can forget about it for a couple of years. (Although I am looking forward to all those stories about how the UK Government can starve funding to the Arts, Universities, Education and Research, Charities and Health to build one-use infrastructure for a fucking overblown sporting carnival)

I will also say a quick word about the candidates for the US primaries. (From Right to Left).

Huckabee: Not running a smart campaign, unless he would rather Obama or Clinton won rather than McCain. Cannot win. Only hurts his own party by continuing.

McCain: If the Republicans are generally scared that he isn't conservative enough then he is probably a good choice to run the country. I like Moderates as politicians.

Obama: I can't really tell whether he is further left or right than Clinton. To tell you the truth, I am yet to find anything that he would actually do. Big on rhetoric. "Hope for Change" sounds lovely. Means nothing. Apparently, people should vote for him because he is black. The only worse rationale for voting one way or another would be to vote against him because he is black. Given that the president of the USA is one of the most powerful non-media positions in the world, the idea that race or religion becomes an issue scares me, because it means that people who would engage in legitimate criticism might fear to do so in case they are branded racist.

Clinton: See Obama. Replace matters of race with matters of gender. Replace 'Big on rhetoric. "Hope for Change" sounds lovely. Means nothing.' with "Has significant political experience. Even more than Lewinsky."


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