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On rights for cohabitting couples

Yet another day, yet another statement on why people in a given situation need better legal protection. Today, I awoke to a statement that cohabitting couples are to get better legal protection.


What a load of nonsense.

Cohabitting couples who want financial protection have an easy option. It is called marriage. (Or civil partnerships, unions or whatever the term is this week - for the rest of this piece, I will lump these options with marriage for convenience). Or they can have the terms of the partnership drawn up by lawyers. That's what they are there for.

I don't understand why the state has an obligation to people who opt out of the protections and recognition the state affords to people who have their domestic arrangements registered. If they don't want to be married, that's their choice. It is no business of anyone else. Including the state.

But if they decline the protections afforded by the state and the legal system when things are going well, they have no one to blame when things go badly.


A devout man was fishing one day when his boat sprung a leak. Despite his attempts at removing the water, the boat started to sink. He started to pray, when he was interrupted by a guy in a canoe, who offered him a lift. The man declined, saying that he had faith that God would save him. The canoist shrugged and went on his way. Shortly after, his renwed (and soggy) prayers were interrupted by a motor boat offering him a lift. He declined again, saying that he had faith that God would save him. A little while later, his prayers while treading water were interrupted by a helicopter offering to rescue him. Again he declined, saying that he had faith that God would save him. So off the helicopter went.

Eventually, the man tired and drowned. He went to heaven and asked God why God didn't save him. God replied, "But I sent you a canoe and a speed-boat and a helicopter. What more do you want from me?"


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