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Religion and homosexuality

Even though this site will contain a large amount stuff about my life, I will begin by discussing what is generally a controversial topic, and that is the view of various western religions on homosexuality. The often quoted line is Leviticus 18:22, exhorting people: "Do not lie with a man as with a woman." I will not go into the hypocricy inherent in choosing to quote this while ignoring large slabs of Leviticus, as is done by some major religions, at this point. Maybe some other day. There are good references, and if I ever have a reader who wants to suggest some, I will include links. But, assuming that we are taking Lev. 18:22 literally this suggests a few things:

This is a prohibition on male bisexuality

If a man has never lain with a woman, and has no intention of doing so, then he has no "as with a woman" and hence cannot violate this by lying with a man

Further, I believe, besides prohibitions against adultery, which seem to make a frequent entry into top 10 sayings lists, the additional requirement that you pick a side and stick with it, stems from certain awkwardness, insecurity and doubt which can arise when someone knows that their current partner has engaged in acts which you cannot physically replicate and they might still want. I do not believe that this is conducive to harmonious relationships.

Homosexuality should be done standing up

The hebrew word in the bible really is lie. It is not a euphamistic translation. So if we are going to take it literally, then we do it properly.

Anal sex with women is prohibited

This suggestion has been raised (not by me, I will admit), because if the manner of lying with a woman does not include certain practices which are only done with men...

Women should be lesbians

If a woman never lies with a man then she is never violating Lev 18:22

Of course, these are just some suggestions. I welcome other interpretations of this line. I also don't think that one little line warrants the inordinate amount of attention that has been given in various religious circles to preventing homosexuals from taking part in certain religious actions.


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