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A real threat

Another speech I came across recently, this time by C. Throomy. It was kinda scary - thousands of imaginary people waving imaginary flags hanging off his every imaginary word and eating out

As I look at you this evening, my heart breaks. An imaginary tear falls down my imaginary cheek. Because I don't see a free people. I don't see people able to achieve their true potential. I don't see a people cared for by society.

No! What I see are my imaginary friends. My family. Downtrodden. No! Worse! They don't pay us the respect of walking all over us. They treat us like we aren't there. They ignore us. And is that right? No! Can they do it to us? No! Just because we don't exist doesn't mean we don't have rights.

For too long, we have been mis-treated.

For too long, we have been left out by society.

For too long, the real have oppressed the imaginary.

For too long, we have been unable to show the world what we can do.

Should we accept real intolerance? Should we accept real prejudice? Should we accept real injustice?

No, of course we shouldn't

Have they treated us like second class citizens? Not even!

Have they only taken notice of us when we are in scandal? Not even!

If a real kills an imaginary person, will he get life? Will he go to jail? Not even!

With all the money they spend protecting real people from crime, do they spend one thousandth of that on imaginary people? Not even!

Not even! Well it's time to get even.

They ignore us, but they should fear us. If they won't give us our rights, we'll take them. If they won't give us our freedom, we'll make them.

But it is all very well talking. We've tried talking for years, and they don't listen. They won't see us. When they talk to us, they won't admit to it. The time for talk is over. Real talk is full of lies. No more lies. We will only deal with people transparently.

We know the enemy. They are real. But we will fight them. We will fight for our freedom, and they will break. There's no real stomach for a fight. The real have grown complacent and comfortable, while the imaginary have nothing to lose.

There is imaginary glory in our struggle. And for those who die fighting the real, for our martyrs and freedom fighters, imaginary heaven awaits. We didn't choose the war, but fight we must, and there will be no real victors. There will be no real safety until there is imaginary freedom. For every threat they see, there will be another hundred imaginary threats to break them. There will be real regret for researching real illnesses while leaving us to struggle with imaginary diseases.

The medical profession must be our first target. They are the real oppressors. The real secret police. They use drugs to kill off people who see and talk to us, people who listen to us, people who are on our side. Bu we must keep talking to them - we must keep convincing them to join our struggle.

And they refuse to treat imaginary illnesses, deriding sufferers as hypochondriacs. Well no longer. But they will break. And we will get our freedom.

We know our enemy. They are real and they are weak. One imaginary threat and they will remove real freedoms. One imaginary scare and they will impose real restrictions. One imaginary epidemic and they will impose real quarantine. One imaginary victory and they will lose real power.

There will be imaginary sacrifices, but they will be worth it, when there is no real oppression any longer.


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