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Should we? (The dangers of modern medicine)

The progress of science marches onward. Science answers the question of what can be done. It never answers, and inherently cannot answer, the question of whether something should be done. Through the marvels of modern technology, Mum and Dad have adopted a new kitten. Fair enough, I hear you say. But is it?

Think about it. My parents are in their early- to mid-fifties at the moment. Still young and fit enough to take care of a young cat. But by the time the cat is 15 or 16 cat years old, they will be in their late fifties and may not be able to look after themselves, let alone a cat. Is it fair to ask a teenage cat to look after them? Surely that isn't looking after the best interests of the cat, is it?


Comment from Gillian

What do the marvels of modern technology have to do with our adopting the kitten?

I respond

Aside from the ongoing process of the domestication of the cat, you mean?

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