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Screams of outrage, part II

A few days ago, I wrote about screams of outrage, or rather the lack thereof when a 12 year old Jewish girl was beaten and robbed on a bus. Fortunately, even if the bus driver will ignore her screams, and the press will ignore her screams, the police haven't.

The tabloids, however, haven't lost their ability to scream outrage, as this story shows. The story was even picked up by the BBC. They still think we should stop and help other people. They think it is a news story. Sometimes.

Even worse, in the girl's case, someone stepping in would have actually prevented further harm. There was no question what was going on. And people just let it happen. People accepted it. A few days ago, I wrote about our obligations in such a case. We have an obligation to help the girl. Otherwise we are launching our own kicks at her. We are as bad as the assailants. The bus driver is as bad as the assailants. Worse - we can excuse them as being kids. Personally, I don't. I have been a scout leader now for about 10 years. I know kids of that age group. They know right from wrong. They may not always do it. Who does? But they know it. So I feel no need to excuse them. But the driver and the other passengers are as morally culpable as the attackers. Through their actions, the girl got attacked.

And still there are no cries of outrage from the major press.

I will place a link to the story when it comes on line. Most importantly, the girl is recovering physically, and I hope she will fully recover quickly.


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