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The first rorschach - the comments

Due to popular demand, I have now changed the Rorschach picture.

UPDATE if you aren't seeing the new picture, try reloading the page (there should be a button on the browser toolbar) END UPDATE

Because I'm sure most of you are mildly curious about what other people see, here's the picture and some of the comments.

Rorschach pic

It is 9 ovals superimposed and grouped. From inkscape.

I see a lot of inkscape ovals Was I correct about their number last time?

I think it's a dino puppy.

A dinosaur puppy wagging its tail.

a elaphant

a deformed bunny rabbit

the dodgy bunny lives!

mutant bunny rocks!

Mickey Mouse's head in profile.... Turned 90% anti-clockwise.

Still Mickey

the elephant man meets mickey mouse

john merrick meets mini mouse.

Micky Mouse after an elevator accident whereby he was squashed after the free falling elevator struck the bottom of the lift well and after he then also fell over.

mickey mouse having a snooze!

it's STILL Mickey having a snooze...

maybe it's a puppy...

Clown fish!

Nemo the clown fish

NEMO the clown fish "You every going to change this Rorschach test?"

when are you going to change this picture?

you know, filling this in each time is becomming a pain in the elephantitis....

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Some comments of mine:

Web crawlers' thoughts are as one-track boring as their comments. And I'm still not going to post their comments unless I think they are of direct relevance. And I wouldn't recommend clicking the links - that's why I broke them.

I think it is astroboy after he spent too much time eating in the US. He is flying to the right.

Yes, they are a series of ovals drawn in inkscape. I couldn't tell you how many, because I just put them down as randomly as I could manage.

It amazes me how "in character" most of my readers' responses were.

I wonder who's going to be the first person to comment, just so they can get first rorschach in


Comment from gelfen

well the "new" rorschach is the same as the old one.

Comment from Revi

I like the new pic. Everyone come and play!

Comment from Richard

But it is the same Rorschach as before. There is no fun in that.

Comment from Dyska

It's the outer limits of an aim pattern of a rifle over 150 yards during a standard sniper aim test. Or it could be the balistic hole of a target after i've been at it with 1.5 ounce slugs at 25 yards?

I respond

Gelfen, Richard, there should be anew picture where the old one was. Let me know if this still isn't the case, although Revi and Dyska (hi Dyska, btw) seem to have seen the new one without any problems.

Comment from gelfen

it looks the offspring of Simba and Nala during his "punk rebel" phase.

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Rorschach pic

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