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The second rorschach - the comments

Due to popular demand, I have now changed the Rorschach picture.

As with last time, if you aren't seeing the new picture, try reloading the page (there should be a button on the browser toolbar)

Rorschach pic

And here are the list of responses (in some vague kind of order)

Haven't decided yet


Second Rorschach test still in place. 10 ovals that are superimposed and grouped.

it looks the offspring of Simba and Nala during his "punk rebel" phase.

Mutant Mickey mouse


an upside down spaceship.

a weird ass plane-zeppelin hybrid.

dirigible aeroplane monster

a pudgy little baby plane.

A stubby little aeroplane

a dinky little plane


An aereoplane

Dr Seuss'e Plane

A plane with a big red nose and one really big wheel

I think it's clearly a deformed propeller-plane taking off right.

it is a aeroplane, propeller type, with a atomic bomb attached to the bottom and a grappling hook at the rear to snag and engage braking cables on an aircraft carrier. The plane is flying to the right.

A plane with a Mexican rider leaking oil

Plane. what do you see?

It's a drum kit that used to be a plane.

It's a spam-bot coming in for a drum kit plane landing.

It's a duck.



yeah did that already

We need a new picture. You've had this one for months.

i can see how this would get annoying for regular commenters.....

that rorschach has been there a while hasn't it.

time to change this one...

some things always stay the same

Time for a new pic. I'm bored of this one. By the way, I am a spambot.

definitely getting old

old old old

oldity oldity oldy old

Oldy McOld Rorschach

with age comes rorschach

random response number 46023

I liked that last one, and thought, despite the obvious boredom most of us have with the old picture, which, I confess, was left up for a little long, that we were getting an upsurge in creativity. But then I got this:

random response number 54561

Which is verging on the pornographic. I'm hesitant even posting it, but I try to avoid censorship when possible.

Anyway, my view: most of the responses make a good case, particularly the aeroplane ones and the "this needs changing ones". It's actually someone at their graduation ceremony, wearing one of those rubber ring flotation devices. As drawn by Mr Squiggle.


Comment from Gillian

random response number 54561. How do you determine that to be verging on the pornographic?

I respond

I'm not going to discuss it. It is sick and inappropriate.

A man goes in to a pub with a mate of his in a small country town. They sit down with their beers and listen to the guy on stage.

"28" and the crowd starts laughing.

"13" more laughter.

The man asks his friend what's happening.

"Well," he's told. " We only have a few jokes, so one day we wrote them all down and numbered them. To save time, someone gets up, says a number, we remember the joke and laugh."

"That's pretty cool," the man said. "Can I have a go?"


So up the man went.

"17" more laughter.

"52" the crowd burst out laughing, rolling in the aisles and other cliches.

He sits back down and asks his friend, "Gee, 52 got a big response. What was that?"

"Dunno mate, I haven't heard it before."

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Rorschach pic

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